Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012.

I had my netbook for 2 terms about know. Our teacher showed us how to learn in our netbook. 
When I first got my netbook I was thrilled how it looked like, but all of ours were black. Not only the student gets to have one, but Mr Ramklowan gets to have one too. Mr Ramklowan's colour of the netbook was red it was so awesome that the student want to get one just like that but they got black netbook witch is fine by me. 

In our netbook Mr Ramklowan sometimes tell us student to go to google docs, it fun writing in our google drive it like never writing in a book in your life before. It feels like you want to write and never stop. But you have to stop in a moment for morning tea and lunch. Our netbook will create a new student and you can comments to other good story that you like, but first you have to write positive writing then specific and after that write a quality comment to that persons story that you read.

Our netbook is good for searching in the internet and look what is that and how it happened.
Mathematics is one of my favourite topic out of writing and reading. Mostly if you work faster in maths you will in prove a lot.  sadessI was so interested in my netbook, but if I didn't have my netbook I will never ever in prove and I will be the most sadness person in class.

I like my netbook so much and I like to keep it until im and adult. I wish I can take my netbook right know but I couldn't. I always ask Mr if we can play sumdog but he said no.


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