Thursday, 6 December 2012

When Mack,Ray,and Reece went to the Zoo, they were very frustrated  about walking from wellington to glen innes right to the Zoo.
“Finally” said Mack
“we Finally got to the Zoo.”
“Let go look at the lion” said  Reece
“no” said Ray  
“why” said Reece
because “I want to see the Monkeys”
then  Reece and mack said “no”
Ray was so angry that he ran to catch Reece and Mack. They ran past the monkey’s,past the panda’s and they got to the lions cage when they got to the cage Mack said “wow that cage must be strong”
“the lion must be so dangerous for all of the people thats why the cage is that big”said Reece.
“Yeah” replied Ray
“I guess I was wrong about the lion’s cage anyways”
“But doesn’t still stopped making me from stop getting angry” sid Ray.

But when Ray ran to get Reece he accidentally struck his t-shirt on the lock and unlocked it “oops” said Ray. Then Ray shouted and said “run everybody the lion is out of the cage. “Ahhhhhhhh” shouted the people then they ran for cover some people went under the table mostly all of them went up the tree.

But when mack ran and climb up the cage of the lion. The lion ran right in the cage, Ray closed the cage then the lion was back to the his own cage. they all got free ice cream and they get to pat the lion. they all enjoyed the prize and ran to pat the lion.


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