Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The slippery puddles at Halloween.

It was early in the morning at Glen Innes school. A girl named Purl was tekatreeting. When she went to houses, she scared a lot of people. Purl always hides in the bushes. When she rang the doorbell, she arrives and says
a lot of people in their houses got very scared of her. She got about 133 lollies in her bag.

When she had one more house to go she suddenly slipped on a water puddle and fell right to the ground, she felt very on conges. Someone in the house heard a water splash. He came out of the house and saw Purl. Purl was lying on the ground, oncogenes. he started to helped her. when she woke up the house was full of lollies she said
“where did you get all these delicious lollies from”

He didn’t answer what purled said. But when they both walked right through the curtain, Purl saw a pool with a lot of chocolate in it, she started to eat a lot of things in candie land but mostly she jumped right in the chocolate pool. When she dived in, she had plastic clothes around her. After that  she went to the beach she saw more chocolate in it.

She tried to have a swim in the beach but snakes were in her way. The snake did not want Purl to come in the water, people around the beach wanted to swim. But the all the snake in the river did not let all of the gummi bears in the waters. Purl was angry and started to say, “that not fair, for these gummy bears.” When she realise that the snakes were lollies, she knows that she can eat the snake. The snakes tried to eat her but the can’t she is not candie people. Then purl started to eat the snakes and all the people can dive and swim in the water whenever they like.


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