Monday, 10 September 2012

It will make you stronger

Argument: Mr Ramkolowan didn't I tell you that every teacher has hamburgers from Burger King.  Every teacher likes it with the chicken and fries. Sometimes it is better with the King. Always taste the burgers because they are healthy and they won't make you fat and slow. It will make you better than Superman and stronger than The Hulk and even funnier than Mr Bean.

  • It will make you stronger than Superman because it has lettuce in it but Superman eats junk food for dinner.

  • The burger is healthy it always has good stuff in it except for the old meat next to the tomato sauce and the pickles.

  • The burgers have tough things in it. That is how it makes you tougher than The Hulk and King Kong.

  • When you eat the burgers you can taste lava and flames around it, so if you're not full the sauce will make your mouth never want it again.  
All those sauces and things are true and those buns, lettuce, pickles, chilli sauce, patties are only at burger king.


Samuel said...

Hello Mone. When I was reading your story I have learnt that burger king has a burger that will make you stronger, funnier and faster. What does the burger you wrote about taste like?

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