Tuesday, 28 August 2012

amazing adventure


The amazing adventure

When I woke up I was late for school, then Moko came and said, let’s go through the magic shortcut. We went through the amazing forest and saw a lot of dinosaurs and some creatures. Then we went over a long bridge right through the volcano with hot lava. the volcano was bigger then the dinosaurs some of the dinosaurs tried to eat the others but they couldn't. After that Moko went on train we saw Tintin trying to save that train drivers life but, Moko and I destroy the train and blast into the play ground none saw me or Moko landing on the tree and we went to school.  


Haarera said...

Hi mone. Wow! You got some very amazing ideas. What would you do if you were late for school?

Makaydyn said...

Hi Mone I like how you put my one of my cousins Moko on your story I really miss them and hope to see them again bye

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