Monday, 10 September 2012

Weightlifting is so awesomely cool

Weightlifting is so awesomely cool
My favourite Olympic Sport is weightlifting. This sport is played in an arena.
It is an individual sport. The current Olympic champanion is TOROKHTIY OLEK form the Ukraine.

Weightlifting is my favourite sport because it makes you lift one of the toughest weights and it will make you strong and healthy.

Another reason why weightlifting is my favourite sport, because if you lift 105kg and won a gold medal your coach will give you 1000 dollars for winning that gold medal and trying all his best to win that gold medal.

The next reason weightlifting is my favourite is because we could be on television competing for our own country and breaking the world’s most powerful record of all.

Finally, weightlifting is my favourite sport because all of the most strongest people in the world took part in the weightlifting.

From the reasons I have given above, I love weightlifting because it plays in the stadium. In the Ukraine they won the most magnificent weightlifting title of all. They are so cool.


Etai said...

Hi Mone, Weightlifting is cool because you can get strong. Is the stadium big or is it small? Weightlifting is good it could make you healthy and strong, keep it up Mone.

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