Thursday, 6 December 2012

Today room 9 went to the beach there were only five children chosen to goto the beach and that was Maia,Ifa,Etai,koliata, and siua. When they got to the beach in the morning it was so sunny and hot Maia decided to go for a swim me too, Sai koliata, but he wanted to hang with siua. After that Ifa went and tried to make a sand castle with water around it but the water didn’t went that far to ifas castle then ifa said “ is koli when they were looking around the beach and they saw koli climbing up the highest rock and jumped when he jumped he said cannonbolt.
After that siua and Koli were having a race they almost had a tie but siua won because he didn’t stop not even a little bit for swimming.

When Siua got to the finish line first koli cheated on the second round race siua dived in the water and went fast as he can but koli dived as faker than anyones faking style
when koli did that he stood up and walked into the finish line then siua said on his “mind i'm winning, i'm winning, but when he got their koli was saying what took you so long and siua replied “I thought I'm going to win how did you win in the second round”
Koli said because I was going easy on you when they looked around Maia was digging the biggest hole in the sand. Then siua and koli the last lap when they dived in the water they were and they caught each other cheating and siua said “I knew you were cheating” said siua but “why were you cheating said Koli “because I wanted to see if you cheated the first part or the second but “that was only one cheat” you couldn’t just win then.


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