Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The only thing a netbook needs.

Dear Mum
Thank you Mum for spending your money on my net-book. When I first saw my net-book I was surprised by the way it looked. It was shiny and bright. I was very excited when we took it out and all of Room 9 didn't expect the netbook to be in a boxes. It had all the things that the netbook needed. Those things are the charger... yeah thats the only thing a netbook needs. When I opened the netbook I didn’t expect the wipe to be in the awesomeness  of our net-books.

When we came to the class we waited for Mrs Grant. Mr Ramkolowan told us how to work the netbook. A netbook is cool, Mr Ramklowan's one was even cooler than our netbook because the teacher are lucky to pick the colour of their net-book. Finally Mrs Grant comes in with the computer doctor and a few people. She taught us how to work all our netbooks. We played sumdog when Mrs Grant finished teaching us how to work it. I expected our teacher  would let us play a few games. Mostly I expected our netbook to be just the way it is.     

Your son 


Makaydyn said...

Hi Mone
I like what you have posted on your blog to your mum.I liked the part when you said when I first saw my netbook I was surprised.You are so grateful and happy for what happened that day.what would you do when it first came in front of I would like to say keep up with the good work you are doing great.

From Makaydyn

Serena said...

Hi Mone I like your blog.I like your story about your Lovely Net-Book. I hope you like your Net-Book. Why do you like your Net-book?

Makaydyn said...

Hi Mone I hope you're enjoying school I am especially at my school that I've been at for two years I'm really enjoying intermediate you would actually be happy if you were actually here but anyways work hard bye

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