Thursday, 6 December 2012

In Glen Innes their was a bird named sparrow. When sparrow got to Glen Innes school he saw kids with food in their hands. sparrow was so hungry that he want to be a human being but he isn't, he is just a little cute bird looking for  food. Sparrow went to look under the trees and around the Glen Innes school. When sparrow stopped looking for food, he saw Timothy throwing his food around and wasting it. Sparrow was very happy that Timothy throwed his food around, Sparrow flied fast like a lion.
He said “yeah finally I can run for Timothy's food” But suddenly there was a pigeon, running for the food they pulled and pulled but no one got the peace of food.
sparrow said “give my food back, I saw it first.”
“No I saw it first” said the pigeon
then they continued but suddenly the pigeon family came aning with a pigeon. d helped the pigeon the little was close to losing but the Sparrows came and helped the little sparrow all of the sparrows were strong like a lion. “Yes we got it” said the sparrow
finally we can eat it but the pigeon family was very hungry like the sparrows.

So they all shared the food and went flying for more food but when they try to fly the bell rang and timothy came and throwed the food for the birds and they all shared everything.


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