Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thank You Mum.

30 july 2012 
Dear MUM
Thank You Mum for spending your money on my netbook. When I first saw my netbook I was surprised by the way it looked. It was shiny and bright. I was very excited when we took it out and all of Room9 didn't expect the netbook to be in a boxs. It had all the things that the netbook needed those things are the charger yeah thats the only thing a netbook needs. When I opened the netbook I didn’t expect the wipe to be in the awesomeness   of our netbooks.

when we came to the class we waited for mrs grant mr told us how to work the netbook a netbook was cool Mr Ramklowans one was even cooler than our netbook because the teacher are lucky  to pick their own netbooks to be colourful and better than the other childrens netbook. Finally mrs Grant comes in with the computer doctor and a few people she taught us how to work all our netbook we played sumdog when mrs Grant finish teaching us how to work this But I expected our teacher  to tell us to play a few games after that I mostly expected our netbook to be just the way it is.     

Your son Monuina   
Why should we eat healthy food
  1. Because it makes you fit and healthy sometime you can be fat and healthy
  2. To make you have a healthy body.
  3. To be strong
  4. To get more energy
  5. To develop brain well
  6. To make you feel better
  7. So you are not tired of doing your work
  8. So you can not waste your money for the machines that you exercise with.
  9. To be fit all day long and never stop at cross country.
  10. You will never be fat.
In Glen Innes their was a bird named sparrow. When sparrow got to Glen Innes school he saw kids with food in their hands. sparrow was so hungry that he want to be a human being but he isn't, he is just a little cute bird looking for  food. Sparrow went to look under the trees and around the Glen Innes school. When sparrow stopped looking for food, he saw Timothy throwing his food around and wasting it. Sparrow was very happy that Timothy throwed his food around, Sparrow flied fast like a lion.
He said “yeah finally I can run for Timothy's food” But suddenly there was a pigeon, running for the food they pulled and pulled but no one got the peace of food.
sparrow said “give my food back, I saw it first.”
“No I saw it first” said the pigeon
then they continued but suddenly the pigeon family came aning with a pigeon. d helped the pigeon the little was close to losing but the Sparrows came and helped the little sparrow all of the sparrows were strong like a lion. “Yes we got it” said the sparrow
finally we can eat it but the pigeon family was very hungry like the sparrows.

So they all shared the food and went flying for more food but when they try to fly the bell rang and timothy came and throwed the food for the birds and they all shared everything.
Today room 9 went to the beach there were only five children chosen to goto the beach and that was Maia,Ifa,Etai,koliata, and siua. When they got to the beach in the morning it was so sunny and hot Maia decided to go for a swim me too, Sai koliata, but he wanted to hang with siua. After that Ifa went and tried to make a sand castle with water around it but the water didn’t went that far to ifas castle then ifa said “ is koli when they were looking around the beach and they saw koli climbing up the highest rock and jumped when he jumped he said cannonbolt.
After that siua and Koli were having a race they almost had a tie but siua won because he didn’t stop not even a little bit for swimming.

When Siua got to the finish line first koli cheated on the second round race siua dived in the water and went fast as he can but koli dived as faker than anyones faking style
when koli did that he stood up and walked into the finish line then siua said on his “mind i'm winning, i'm winning, but when he got their koli was saying what took you so long and siua replied “I thought I'm going to win how did you win in the second round”
Koli said because I was going easy on you when they looked around Maia was digging the biggest hole in the sand. Then siua and koli the last lap when they dived in the water they were and they caught each other cheating and siua said “I knew you were cheating” said siua but “why were you cheating said Koli “because I wanted to see if you cheated the first part or the second but “that was only one cheat” you couldn’t just win then.
When Mack,Ray,and Reece went to the Zoo, they were very frustrated  about walking from wellington to glen innes right to the Zoo.
“Finally” said Mack
“we Finally got to the Zoo.”
“Let go look at the lion” said  Reece
“no” said Ray  
“why” said Reece
because “I want to see the Monkeys”
then  Reece and mack said “no”
Ray was so angry that he ran to catch Reece and Mack. They ran past the monkey’s,past the panda’s and they got to the lions cage when they got to the cage Mack said “wow that cage must be strong”
“the lion must be so dangerous for all of the people thats why the cage is that big”said Reece.
“Yeah” replied Ray
“I guess I was wrong about the lion’s cage anyways”
“But doesn’t still stopped making me from stop getting angry” sid Ray.

But when Ray ran to get Reece he accidentally struck his t-shirt on the lock and unlocked it “oops” said Ray. Then Ray shouted and said “run everybody the lion is out of the cage. “Ahhhhhhhh” shouted the people then they ran for cover some people went under the table mostly all of them went up the tree.

But when mack ran and climb up the cage of the lion. The lion ran right in the cage, Ray closed the cage then the lion was back to the his own cage. they all got free ice cream and they get to pat the lion. they all enjoyed the prize and ran to pat the lion.
My New Shoes.

My new shoes has to be blue

Firstly I'll shoes has to be blue because if we were different shoes weir go on tetantion.

Next it has to be blue because it for girls and boys . Sometimes it for others too.

Finally, It has to be blue because it my favourite colour and others favourite colour.

Blue shoes has to be blue so people can know who am I and it magnificent too.

let them take their netbooks home.

                                         22 . 08 . 2012

In my opinion you should let me and the class take our net-book home because there is no doubt that we can do anything in our netbooks at home.

Firstly you don’t let us take our netbooks home,we will say please a thousand times. I believe that you will let us take our net-book and the children believe that you will let them take their netbooks home.

Secondly  when we walk to the library we get tired and we wait for other people to loose their time, and that a waste of time isn't it Mr Hendricks.

In addition  that if we walked to the library and we looked at the time it almost closing in the library isn't that really a waste of time for you and for the class.Well probably you should let us all take our netbooks  home.Please let us take our netbooks now please Mr. Hendricks please.

For this reason above beside our netbooks we will all beg you to let us take our netbook home.

On the whole of school we can not play games while  school is still going.But in the holidays we can, am I right Mr. Hendricks?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012.

I had my netbook for 2 terms about know. Our teacher showed us how to learn in our netbook. 
When I first got my netbook I was thrilled how it looked like, but all of ours were black. Not only the student gets to have one, but Mr Ramklowan gets to have one too. Mr Ramklowan's colour of the netbook was red it was so awesome that the student want to get one just like that but they got black netbook witch is fine by me. 

In our netbook Mr Ramklowan sometimes tell us student to go to google docs, it fun writing in our google drive it like never writing in a book in your life before. It feels like you want to write and never stop. But you have to stop in a moment for morning tea and lunch. Our netbook will create a new student and you can comments to other good story that you like, but first you have to write positive writing then specific and after that write a quality comment to that persons story that you read.

Our netbook is good for searching in the internet and look what is that and how it happened.
Mathematics is one of my favourite topic out of writing and reading. Mostly if you work faster in maths you will in prove a lot.  sadessI was so interested in my netbook, but if I didn't have my netbook I will never ever in prove and I will be the most sadness person in class.

I like my netbook so much and I like to keep it until im and adult. I wish I can take my netbook right know but I couldn't. I always ask Mr if we can play sumdog but he said no.