Friday, 14 September 2012

Healthy Food.

We need healthy food because it makes our body healthy and tough.

If you eat the five different colours of fruit and vegetables you’ll be always healthy. You have to convince your mum or dad to buy some veggies and fruit for lunch. I think that if you eat fruit you’ll never stop at cross country.

If you eat unhealthy food you’ll get fat. In my family we eat Tongan healthy food. We eat taro leaves with corned beef. Mum buys kiwi fruit and apples.
Sometimes when you eat fruit it has extra sugar.

On Saturday or Sunday we buy KFC.


Maia said...

Hi Mone I love your photo those fruit look nice.
What fruit do you like in Tonga.

Mele said...

Hi Mone I like the way you write healthy
food. Because your writing is so cool.

Munokoa said...

Hi mone I like your photo and your fruits.

Lanuola said...

Hi Mone fruits and vegetables are very good to eat.

It is good to eat vegetables everyday, so you can be healthy.

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